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Deluxe Gold 40mm

Onion Green & Fresh Green& Matt Emerald
Light Yellow Green & yellow curly yarn
Diamond Class, 10 years guarantee
Price per sqm
Please note rolls come in 2 and 4m wide. Order placed must be a multiple of 2 e.g. 2/4/6 etc.

Pile Height: 40mm, Double Layers, High stitches count 18/10cm
High Density PE5500 & PP3300. Fibber with Curl (Monofilament).
Turf Gauge: 3/8-inch Precision Machine stitches.
Backing: Double Layers Black Latex Backing.
UV resistant & lead-free, Drainage holes every 100 mil
Available in: 4m or 2m wide rolls, roll length: 20m long”

$25.00 plus GST