Melbourne Decking and Landscaping

Your local supplier for all of your landscaping, decking and synthetic grass needs!

Melbourne Decking and Landscaping

Your local supplier for all of your landscaping, decking and synthetic grass needs!




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About Melbourne Decking and Landscaping

Professional landscaping is a popular and cost-effective way to transform the look of your home’s front or back yard. At Melbourne Decking and Landscaping we offer design advice to suit every budget, taste and style, bringing together a specialist team to create your dream outdoor space. We have 18 years of experience delivering lasting landscaping solutions to homes big and small across Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs, as well as further across the city.

We are proud to offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as well as a 3-year workmanship warranty for all of our work. We have services to cater to any budget, with competitive prices across our range of in-demand landscaping solutions.

Melbourne Decking and Landscaping will help you to maximise your outdoor space and tastefully connect it to the existing design of your property. Our skilled and experienced team can help to make your back yard ‘all season’ friendly, with durable materials that will stand up to years of frequent use, as well as any and all weather conditions.

We create functional spaces that will work for you and your family, delivering a relaxing escape in your own home that is safe for children and pets.

The Melbourne Decking and Landscaping team also specialise in landscaping in small courtyards, side yards or even a balcony. We can offer many drought tolerant and low maintenance solutions for your outdoor space. Increase the value of your home by as much as 15% by investing in a stylish and functional backyard.


We know that getting started on renovation and landscaping your garden can seem like a daunting task. That’s why, at Melbourne Decking and Landscaping, we work closely with each of our customers to help them find the right design for their property, and help them through each stage of the construction process.

Our qualified team use only the highest-quality materials, including composite decking and synthetic grass to create a contemporary statement of landscaping style and design in your very own backyard.

Composite decking is an excellent alternative to hard terraces and patios, and, when used as part of a larger landscaping project, can help to transform even the most neglected outdoor area. Installation is straightforward, with composite decking able to be fixed to most surfaces, while maintenance is quick and easy and there’s no risk of painful splinters.

At Melbourne Decking and Landscaping we deliver 10-year warranties for all of our synthetic grass products and a 25-year warranty for all composite decking services.


The Decking and Landscaping team can deliver our leading services throughout the city. Our responsive experts can assist you anywhere in Melbourne without stress. 
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